Dr Filippo Ongaro    Dr Filippo Ongaro    Dr Filippo Ongaro
dieta non dieta

The authors of this book, edited by Giorgio Nardone and Elisa Valteroni, suggest an innovative vision which replaces all those miraculous diets and the obsession for calories not only with a simple diet, but also with a lifestyle that respects our metabolism and psychological balance. Even if with different approaches, nutritionists, psychologists and therapists who contributed to this book all have a holistic visio n of human beings and at the core there is the tight link between mind and [...].

Dr Ongaro himself made a contribution to this book by writing the first chapter entitled "Il ruolo del cibo nell'evoluzione umana: dalla carenza all'eccesso. Impatto sulla salute e prospettive future” (“The role of food in human evolution: from shortage to surplus. Its impact on health and future perspectives”).


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