Dr Filippo Ongaro    Dr Filippo Ongaro    Dr Filippo Ongaro
le 10 chiavi della salute

The costs of a blind lifespan extension that does not take into account its real quality have reached dangerous levels. Because of this urgent new reality, a new scientific subject is emerging, which aims not only at the simple well-being for an apparent rejuvenation. This subject is Regenerative and Anti-Ageing Medicine which integrates different subjects such as molecular biology, the research on stem cells and endocrinology, in order to prevent diseases due to ageing and slow the ageing process.
People must not be surprised that this new subjects originates from Space Medicine. Once into orbit, an astronaut in six months’ time becomes as old as a person on Earth in ten years’ time.
NTherefore, the astronaut is the best research field to develop the most advanced methodologies aiming at slowing the ageing process and preventing ageing related diseases. As part of the International Space Station (ISS), still considered the most complex project ever done by men, there is a research laboratory where sophisticated experiments can be done in zero gravity.
Many results and competences achieved by space research, concerning key topics such as nutrition and stress management, are reintroduced by Regenerative and Anti-Ageing Medicine for those patients that should have a role of informed and aware partners who also collaborate with their doctors in improving their heath.


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