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mangia che dimagrisci

In addition to them, there are also constant and pushy marketing messages from the food industry, which influence people to choose sugar-free foods (but full of sweeteners), “light” foods nearly fat-free (but full of sugar) and so called natural foods (but full of preservatives). Too much vague and messy information. The only certain thing is: we keep gaining weight. It is necessary to sort things out, because things are far more complex than what we are told.
The truth is awkward, but we must face it: something got broken in the delicate balance that links our metabolism to the environment that surrounds us, and the origin of this break must be searched in the food we eat: hyper processed, hyper caloric and hypo-nutrient.
Only a scientific approach can help us find that lost balance and lose weight not to gain it again. This book, together with a handy and healthy weekly menu, full of tasty recipes and practical advice, makes us discover that losing weight means not only being slimmer and more attractive, but also: it is a must for our health, a pledge to our lives.

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